The story of every commission and every committee is essentially the story of the people who gave their time, talent and passion. I hope to fill this page with the stories of each ConCom member and other people who played an essential part in conserving our town’s natural resources and beauty.

If you served, or if you are a family member or friend of someone who served on the Conservation Commission — you can help! Please send bio, photos, artifacts, documents, recollections, etc. to be included on each of the members’ pages. Contact Harley at about this.

Conservation Commission Membership Charts

There are two charts below. The first shows every member of the ConCom since 1964 and who served as chair, vice-chair, co-chair, associate, etc. The second chart ranks members by the number of years served. With a cumulative 400+ years of service… Who has served longest? Who had the longest tenure as chair? 

Conservation Commission Founding Members

Robert B. Kimball (Chairman 1964-1969)

Dann Colburn (Member 1964)

Frank Rawson (Member 1964-1973; Vice-Chairman 1966)

Conservation Commission Chairs & Co-Chairs

(In chronological order.)

Richard Rawson (1970; Member 1968-1973; Secretary 1971)

John R. Manners (1971-1984; Member 1970-1984)

George Denney (1985; Member 1974-1985)

Holly Stover (1986-2011; Member 1985-2011)

Freya Segal (Co-Chair 2012-2019; Member 2009-2019)

Barbara Frank (Co-Chair 2012-2014; Member 2003-2014 )

Ronald Veillette (Co-Chair 2015-2019; Chair 2020-present; Member 1986-2002 and 2011-present)

Conservation Commission Members

(In chronological order. Founders and Chairs see above.)

Margaretta A. Keith (1965-1988; Secretary 1966-1968)

Dick L. Boyce (1969-1977; 1981-1995; Vice-Chair 1967 & 1970; Secretary 1985)

Chester W. Kellogg (1965-1969)

Wynn A. Sayman (1968-1969)

Kelton M. Burbank (1970-1971; Vice-Chair 1971)

Donald Nicholas (1970)

George C. Campbell (1971-1978)

Susan W. Brown (1971-1972)

Alvah Sanborn (1974-1975)

Barbara Morey (1974-1976)

Francis A. Bartlett (1976)

Carter White (1977-1979)

Jeffrey Morse (1978-1986)

Arthur Nesbit (1979-1984)

John L. Hurt (1981-1985)

Christopher May (1985-2002)

Phillip Foster (1986-1990)

Hilton Boynton (1986-1994)

Terry Plantier (1989)

Patrick Seckler (1990-present)

Virginia Larkin (1991)

Theodore Potter (1992-2000)

Diane Christensen (1995-1997)

John Jackman (1996-2003)

Henry Colvin (1998; associate 1999-2000)

Kathleen Phelps (1999-2003)

Philip Lund (2002-2010)

Charles Pero (2003-2013)

Lauren Joy (2003-2004)

Skye Marcovicci (2004-2008)

Robert Dahlen (2005-present)

Stephen Radin (2012-2014)

Adam Weinberg (2014-present; Vice-Chair 2020)

Ryan Aylesworth (2015-2016)

Nick Martinelli (2015-2020)

Shep Evans (2017-2019; associate 2020-2021)

Daniel Scorpa (2020-present; associate 2017-2019)

Harley Keisch (2020-present; Vice-Chair 2021-present)

Alison Cole (associate 2021-present)

Conservation Commission Associate Members

(Only if not previously listed above.  Historical record of associate members is incomplete/sketchy so dates/lengths of service are only those recorded.)

Jon Dame (1970)

Harriet Mielke (1970)

Donald Miller (1970)

James Shoemaker (2005 -2008)

John Scorpa (2017-present)

Conservation Agents

Bruce Garlow (1993-2008)

Gail Palmer (2009-2011)

Susan Bubenas (2011-2014)

Shep Evans (2015-present)

Other People involved in Richmond Land Conservation

(Not a complete list. Please let me know who else should be listed!)

Frederic and Millard Pryor — gifted the land for Steven’s Glen Preserve

Ron and Judith Shaw — gifted land for Hollow Fields Preserve

Darwin Morse — acquired Richmond Pond shorefront land which now includes the public boat launch and Richmond’s town beach.

Lon O. Nordeen — bequeathed 22 acres of Richmond Fen to MassWildlife; now Nordeen Marsh WMA

Donald B. Miller — gifted land near Perry’s Peak to Conservation Commission; now part of Hollow Fields

Katharine Annin — gifted wetlands near school to ConCom

Hero International, Inc. (Gordon Rose) — gifted land near Turkey Trot to ConCom

John Balboni — gifted land to ConCom — gifted land near Lenox Reservoirs to ConCom






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