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In the beginning… On Monday, March 12, 1973 — on the very same night that the final episode of aired on TV — Richmond voted to accept the provision of M.G.L. Ch.40 Sect.8D which provides that a town “may establish an historical commission… for the preservation, protection and development of the historical or archeological assets …

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Hearing History.

I’m glad to announce  our first, rough attempt at a 01254.org home for Historical Commission resources is now up and running. There you can already listen to a series of ‘living history’ audio recordings dating back to 1963-65 and view a few photos and news clippings. As time permits, that section of 01254 will be …

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Click here for the official town Historical Commission website.  

“The mission of the Historical Commission is to foster an understanding and appreciation of the history and heritage of Richmond. The Commission strives to promote an awareness of the community’s heritage, to identify local preservation, to study public policies designed to protect and preserve history, and to provide opportunities for residents to share their historical legacy.”
Gloria Morse

Amy Diamond Allison Edwards Melanie Masdea-Dignum
William Edwards Virginia Larkin Frieda Pilson
01254.org History Resources

Here on 01254.org, there is plenty of room for a ever-growing collection of documents, photographs, newspaper clippings, recordings that don’t ‘fit’ within the town’s official site. Please contact us if you have something you feel would be appropriate to add/post here! To paraphrase the charter members of the Historical Commission… It’s your 01254.

Photos and Clippings

Please send your photos to so we can add them! 

Living History Recordings

 “Living History” tapes were recorded during 1963-1965, on reel-to-reel tape, by Katharine Annin and William Ratcliff during 1963-1965. For the Bicentennial Celebrations, William F. Edwards recorded from, “the wings”. 

In 1999,William Edwards transferred the old, fragile tapes to more permanent Compact Disc storage. Unbeknownst to anyone, somewhere in the transfer process, the CDs picked up 60Hz electrical hum and noise. Additionally, many of the original recordings were created in noisy surroundings.

So, I’ve tried my best to restore and enhance the recordings to make them more ‘listen-able’ and I am posting them here on 01254.org so that access is assured! As time goes on, I hope to add biographical material and transcripts for each of the individuals who were recorded. If you can/would help with this effort, please jump in!

Jessie H. Fairfield

25 June 1963; 44 minutes

Thomas B. Annin

18 July 1963; 26 minutes

Inez and Elizabeth Eldridge

June 1964; 65 minutes

Raymond Branch Seymour

29 July 1963; 41 minutes

Martha (Pierson) Barnes, James Barnes, and Marjorie Barnes

1963-4 (date unknown); 51 minutes

Annie Tremaine (Medlyn) Richards

4 April 1964; 51 minutes

Richmond Players  Bicentennial “Our Town” Play and Banquet Awards

13 November 1965; 52 minutes

Philip Calder performs his “Sonata for Piano Opus 5” at the Bicentennial Banquet

13 November 1965; 52 minutes

Cyrus Lewis Mace

8 July 1963; 59 minutes

Charles B. Lockwood

6 September 1963; 55 minutes

David Donald

23 July 1964; 55 minutes

Clarence Edward Wagner

23 March 1964; 32 minutes

Bishop Henry Knox Sherrill

26 August 1963 (in Boxford, MA); 55 minutes

A Tour of Richmond, Massachusett’s Iron Works with Simon Malumphy, Richard Malumphy, and others

(Leslie Clark, Katharine Annin, David Dalzell, JoAnne Denny, Richard & Roberta Cunningham, and Russell Clark).
13 June 1974

Part One; 30 minutes

Part Two; 26 minutes


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