ConCom’s Busy 5/11 Agenda

It’s definitely now what my friend and Chair of the Dalton ConCom, Cheryl Rose, calls “ConCom Season” and our busy agenda sure does show it. 

Join in Tuesday 5/11/21 at 7pm


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Meeting ID: 849 8450 8619

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Richmond Consolidated School Students will present their case/request for protection of turtle crossings to the Commission.

We will have 3 Notice of Intent (NOI) hearings

(NOIs are detailed requests for permitting under Wetlands and/or Scenic Mountain laws/regs/bylaws).

  1. A continued hearing for a project is on the north side of Sleepy Hollow Road, Map 405 Lot 116. The proposed work consists of constructing a 4,260 sq. ft. single family home with detached garage and 10 ft. wide pervious driveway and underground utilities in the outer 100 ft. riparian zone of Sleepy Hollow Brook.
  2. Hearing about proposed  hand harvesting invasive non-native aquatic plants and taller growing native aquatic plants to enhance water flow into Richmond pond and to create a 10-foot-wide passageway for recreational paddlers, propeller craft and swimmers, possibly in phases, over the course of 3 to 5 years.
  3. Continued discussion of  a Bundled Notice of Intent from Foresight Land Services on behalf of the Town of Richmond Department of Public Works. The project properties consist of various locations on local roadways in the Town of Richmond. The proposed work consists of routine maintenance and repairs to various elements of the roadway system.
    Richmond Conservation Commission

3 Request of Determination of Applicability (RDA) hearings.

(RDAs are a less detailed preliminary request to determine whether or not the project needs a full-blown NOI process or not).

  1. An RDA for cutting down a large dead Ash tree 120 feet from the shore of Richmond Pond.
  2. An RDA from Matthew Bernow, work consisting of removing an existing small deck and constructing a new 12 ft. X 16 ft. deck mounted on helical screw piers looking out into the inlet canal to Richmond Pond.
  3. An RDA from Stedman and Carol Stephens, at 2010 State Road, for work consisting of removing three dangerous, dead, diseased or dying White Pine trees within the buffer zone of Sherrill Pond south of Town Hall.

And 2 requests for a Certificate of Compliance (COC).

  1. Richard and Sharon King’s property, related to the Order of Conditions File# 5-10-2016
  2. 81 State Road, Balderdash Cellars Property at 81 State Road, Water and Sewer Line Installation, Related to Order of Conditions File # 271-0199

Discussion of Violations and/or Enforcement Actions:.

  1. View Drive Fire Tower Pole Line Easement Violation: Enforcement Order & Ticket(s) Status: Report out of April 5, 2021 DCR Site Visit, Continued from April 13, 2021
  2. 159 Willow Drive Violation: Enforcement & Ticket Status, Continued from April 13, 2021
  3. DPW ’emergency’ work on stream culverts under Lenox Road, East Road and others in the future. This represents at least two possible violations.
    • Review of DEP Emergency Procedures and Decision Tree document.
    • Discussion of immediate stabilization and subsequent restoration of unauthorized work.

Other discussions:

  • A potential future Scenic Mountain Act permit request at 20 Reservoir Rd
  • Update from April 27, 2021 meeting of the Richmond Pond Association
  • Discussion of an Open Space protection related to the status of Lot Survey Estimates to the conservation of land from the corner of Shore & Beach Rd up to the townline with Pittsfield
  • Citizen Speak Time / Commission Speak Time / Press Speak Time
  • Review of the May 5th Road Advisory Committee meeting

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