Rest in Peace, Bruce Garlow

Bruce Garlow, who served 20 years as Richmond’s Town Administrator and as our first Conservation Agent for 15 years, passed away this past Friday. He was 72 years old.

All things must change and each person must heed

The call of his muses, wherever they lead.

To read, to write, to try new things,

To see what the rest of one’s brief life may bring.

Holly Stover chaired the ConCom during those years and Bruce and Holly fought very hard to conserve Richmond’s character. For example, one huge battle was won when they helped fight off the Altresco pipeline. Listen in below!




I spoke with Bruce only once, several weeks ago, so I did not know him well. But, I’ve read a lot about his contributions to Richmond during my research for this website and I truly wish I had had the opportunity to get to know him better.

More about Bruce and his contributions will be posted in the near future. His family is thinking of a memorial event sometime this summer.

Below is the full poem Bruce wrote upon his retirement.



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