Lenox Mountain Redux

This morning Dan Scorpa and I accompanied several DCR staff and Tom Lautzenheiser from MassAudubon on a site visit up the steep western slopes of Lenox Mountain. It was a breezy and sunny spring day, perfect for a walk.

Late May and into mid-June of last year, un-permitted activity by contractors working for DCR, damaged areas of the forest in the Scenic Mountain Act regulated areas on land belonging to two Richmond homeowners and to Audubon’s Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.

Dan and I were present for the site visit to observe on behalf of Richmond’s ConCom.

DCR is working towards a survey and a restoration plan for the disturbed areas. I’m truly hopeful that a robust plan comes together and this season will see the implementation.

But, it all does feel so Déjà Vu. I was on two extremely similar walk thru’s last year. So… I’m crossing my fingers that third time’s a charm.

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