400+ Years of Service

Fifty-three.  That’s the answer I have been looking for these past couple of days. Because it is my intention to tell the story of Richmond’s Conservation Commission through all of the people who have served. Because I think that each one who gave of their time, and their talents, and their passion — should all be honored. Because it is my intention to post some of each person’s story and their recollections of their time on the commission. Because I wanted to know how many darn pages that would run to… There are 53 people who have served. Some for a year, some for many years.  The current commission has both the number one, longest serving member, and me — just getting started…

I worked my way through the records and created two charts, the first details each person’s service by year, and the second lists each person by length of service. The charts can be found on our new People page.


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